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As a professional photographer, I love taking pictures that tell something about the image.


When taking pictures of a person, I want to capture the natural emotion and reflect the soul of the person through the eyes and facial expression.  The image should tell about the person and not just about the photographer. Instead of telling the client what to wear or how they should look, I start by asking the clients how do they want to be remembered when people look at their picture. I believe that pictures should leave memories about the person and not to show something that is not them.  

Every time I take pictures of new born babies, I want the pictures to look like it was taken from the heart of the parents. I want the parents to refresh the feelings as they look at the pictures in the future. My wife Jenny helps me arrange the baby during the shoot so there's always a touch of a mother which make babies feel at peace.

For wedding or engagement shoot, my goal is for the pictures to remind the  couple that precious moment and the love they have for each other the time the pictures were taken. 

When taking pictures of landscape, I want people to see that the majestic views around us that serve as a a proof that there is a powerful and loving Creator who made these things for the people. 

Pictures of architectural buildings, my goal is to show the creativity of the designer and the usefulness of it.